Panic… Stop, think… Panic over! :)

I had a minor panic in the office on Friday morning when someone said… Shall we go out for a Team Lunch then? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *alarm bells start in my head!!* All of a sudden, my mind was filled with a whole bunch of questions that seem silly now, but at the time, they sent me into stress mode…

What can I eat? How will I know how many syns to allocate? What if I go over without realising? ………

I stopped, sat back, and tried to think logically for a minute (after sending a flappy message to Leanne for help – thank goodness she’s amazingly helpful and doesn’t mind my rants!!) At the same time, I also started worrying about the weekend and my cousins hen party, but I found so much help on the Slimming World website ( that I managed to work out exactly what I could eat at each outing and the panic was over 🙂 There are little sections on there for loads of restaurants, which show you the foods to go for and the ones you would think would be a great choice, but are actually really bad for you! Now I know it’s there, I will be using it… a LOT!!

The team lunch was at Nandos, and while everyone tucked into their yummy chicken and chips covered in Piri Piri sauce, followed by cheesecake, I chomped away on a mixed leaf salad (no dressing) and a corn on the cob (no butter). It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but I felt amazingly strong afterwards!! 1 point to me 🙂

My syn free dinner at Nandos… I can be strong 🙂

So the next challenge was the Hen Night, which was awesome!! We started out in Frankie and Bennys and again I went for a salad with no dressing, which was a great start… but then we hit the champagne and jager bombs and the whole SW plan went out of the window… oops!!

I went waaaaay over on my syns, and as guilty as I felt at the time, I feel ok about it now because I had a great night with my Cousin and friends, and that was the important thing about last night, not my diet! Yeh, I had a bad day, but it could have been a lot worse and I know I am strong enough to pull it back now and be strict on plan for the rest of the week. A bad day can be fixed with hard work afterwards… in my opinion anyway!

I just hope I can show a loss at weigh in on Thursday, we’ll see…

Michelle and Me out for her Hen Party 🙂



Weighed in a day early and…

After worrying that I wouldn’t have lost any weight at my weigh in this week (which had to be a day early as I can’t make it to class tomorrow) I was THRILLED when I stepped on the scales and saw I have lost 3lbs!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Which means I got my 1/2 stone award… at my second weigh in! Woooooooooo hooooooooooo!


So after the weigh in, where my beautiful Mummy also lost weight 🙂 we came back to my house, where I cooked her a delicious syn free dinner! (Erm… When I say ‘I’, I actually mean me and my Mum!) We had chicken with vegetables and rice with quark in a flat mushroom 🙂 I need to cook the mushroom better next time, but it was pretty yummy and my Mum and I both cleared our plates! It was really easy to do too… I mean if I can do it, anyone can do it, trust me!

This next week is going to be very tough though… I have my cousins Hen Do at the weekend, which is a meal at Frankie and Bennys and a night out, and also a night out with my old work colleagues on Friday. Eeeek! If anyone has any helpful hints, especially for the Hen Do, please share!!


So we’re half way through week 2…

Before I get into this post, I need to mention my Slimming World buddy Leanne. Yesterday she got her ½ stone award! Wooooooooo! Go Leanne!! So pleased for her! Now I just need to work my arse off (literally) and get mine!

That said, I’m half way through week 2 and I have to be honest, I’m not feeling very positive about how I’m doing this week! I have stuck to plan really well, and not had more than 8 syns in a day, but I don’t think the scales are going to be very good to me. Another thing worrying me is that I have to weigh in 1 day early as my Mum and I can’t make it to our normal group this week as we are going to see Sarah Millican (yey!) but I’m stressing about it a bit!

I wanted to share one of my favourite meals from my first couple of weeks. It’s incredibly easy, so it’s no Jamie Oliver recipe… it’s pretty much a stir fry! I use Quorn and mixed vegetables (free) and I have it with rice (Free) or 2 small slices of bread (Healthy Option B). I sometimes use chicken but I really hate cooking meat, so I prefer to use Quorn. It fills you up so much, and you can have a big portion if you’re reeeeeally hungry as most of it is SUPERFREE food!!

What makes it for me is the Chinese Five Spice and Soy Sauce…It is delicious!

Let’s go to the Seaside for the day :)

Today my friends Lou, Leanne and I went to the seaside for the day to watch our other friends Hannah and Callum in a show. Leanne is also following Slimming World, so that was good… but being on the sea front and not having fish and chips or sweets or ice cream was a killer!!! Buuuuuut I resisted and I felt pretty proud of myself when I got home tonight and tucked straight into a big bowl of Quorn and Vegetables followed by a massive bowl of fruit… Great SW Sunday in my opinion 🙂


My First Week!

On Thursday 20th September I joined a Slimming World group in Coventry, the group with whom my Mum has already lost a load of weight (not that she needed to, she’s BEAUTIFUL!!) and I really thought my first week would be incredibly tough. I say that because as a general rule, I don’t cook, I’m usually an ‘eat and go’ or ‘don’t eat at all’ kind of girl. Hooooooowever… I really enjoyed it! I’ve eaten so many health foods, and I’ve even cooked meat (I hate cooking meat!) I’ve pretty much lived off vegetables, salad, potatoes (in different forms), quorn, ham, Muller Lights and lots of berries!

There are so many great recipes to try in the Slimming World magazines and in the 7 Day Success book in the pack, so I have had so many ideas to choose from! There are also lots on the website and all over the internet! It’s easy to stay motivated when you have so much food inspiration around!

With this much drive surely my first weigh in would be great… right?… RIGHT!! I lost 4 pounds in my first week!! 🙂 I was so chuffed… and this gave me the drive I needed to start my blog and carry on with the plan!! I know not every week will be as good, but I hope that I give a fair account of what it’s like to be on a slimming world journey! As I get going I’ll post pictures and recipes I like and anything that has helped and inspired me, in the hope that it inspires you too!

Here I Go…

Hi 🙂 I guess since you made the effort to visit my blog and to read this, the first thing for me to do is to thank you for stopping by! I pretty much have no clue what I’m doing with this yet, so please bear with me! The reason behind my blog is Slimming World… I just started SW a week and a half ago and I really wanted a good way to document my “journey”, someone suggested I blog. I figured if I’m going to write it down, I may as well write (and photograph) it for others to see, so I hope you enjoy your peek into my world! 🙂

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