Erm… I’m not sure this weekend was on plan… AT ALL!!

Bonjour lovelies, I hope you are all well!

Last week at weigh in I lost another 2.5 lbs taking my total lost in 5 weeks to 12lbs 🙂 Wooooooooooo! I was chuffed to bits as I worked really, really hard last week, pretty much living of the Super Free Speed Soup and vegetable stir frys! This past weekend however, has NOT been an ‘on plan’ few days!

My beautiful cousin got married over the weekend and as she lives 4 hours away, that meant a weekend away in a lovely hotel for the whole family. This of course means not a lot of syn free options! I was pretty good at breakfasts, having beans on toast and bacon (with no fat!) but the rest of the time was a big fat food fail!! I ate everything from cupcakes to a Chinese take away… I only hope I haven’t undone too much of my hard work! That said, I had an amazing weekend away with my family, and all the syns were more than worth it!!

Now I just need to focus for the rest of the week so my gain isn’t too huge at this weeks weigh in. I thought about not going, but I need to go, if I’ve gained, I’ve gained… I can’t change it, so I’m not going to sit and panic about it now, I’m just going to work hard and minimise the damage as best I can! I’m back on it like sonic already this morning!! 🙂



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