Panic… Stop, think… Panic over! :)

I had a minor panic in the office on Friday morning when someone said… Shall we go out for a Team Lunch then? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *alarm bells start in my head!!* All of a sudden, my mind was filled with a whole bunch of questions that seem silly now, but at the time, they sent me into stress mode…

What can I eat? How will I know how many syns to allocate? What if I go over without realising? ………

I stopped, sat back, and tried to think logically for a minute (after sending a flappy message to Leanne for help – thank goodness she’s amazingly helpful and doesn’t mind my rants!!) At the same time, I also started worrying about the weekend and my cousins hen party, but I found so much help on the Slimming World website ( that I managed to work out exactly what I could eat at each outing and the panic was over 🙂 There are little sections on there for loads of restaurants, which show you the foods to go for and the ones you would think would be a great choice, but are actually really bad for you! Now I know it’s there, I will be using it… a LOT!!

The team lunch was at Nandos, and while everyone tucked into their yummy chicken and chips covered in Piri Piri sauce, followed by cheesecake, I chomped away on a mixed leaf salad (no dressing) and a corn on the cob (no butter). It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but I felt amazingly strong afterwards!! 1 point to me 🙂

My syn free dinner at Nandos… I can be strong 🙂

So the next challenge was the Hen Night, which was awesome!! We started out in Frankie and Bennys and again I went for a salad with no dressing, which was a great start… but then we hit the champagne and jager bombs and the whole SW plan went out of the window… oops!!

I went waaaaay over on my syns, and as guilty as I felt at the time, I feel ok about it now because I had a great night with my Cousin and friends, and that was the important thing about last night, not my diet! Yeh, I had a bad day, but it could have been a lot worse and I know I am strong enough to pull it back now and be strict on plan for the rest of the week. A bad day can be fixed with hard work afterwards… in my opinion anyway!

I just hope I can show a loss at weigh in on Thursday, we’ll see…

Michelle and Me out for her Hen Party 🙂



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