My First Week!

On Thursday 20th September I joined a Slimming World group in Coventry, the group with whom my Mum has already lost a load of weight (not that she needed to, she’s BEAUTIFUL!!) and I really thought my first week would be incredibly tough. I say that because as a general rule, I don’t cook, I’m usually an ‘eat and go’ or ‘don’t eat at all’ kind of girl. Hooooooowever… I really enjoyed it! I’ve eaten so many health foods, and I’ve even cooked meat (I hate cooking meat!) I’ve pretty much lived off vegetables, salad, potatoes (in different forms), quorn, ham, Muller Lights and lots of berries!

There are so many great recipes to try in the Slimming World magazines and in the 7 Day Success book in the pack, so I have had so many ideas to choose from! There are also lots on the website and all over the internet! It’s easy to stay motivated when you have so much food inspiration around!

With this much drive surely my first weigh in would be great… right?… RIGHT!! I lost 4 pounds in my first week!! 🙂 I was so chuffed… and this gave me the drive I needed to start my blog and carry on with the plan!! I know not every week will be as good, but I hope that I give a fair account of what it’s like to be on a slimming world journey! As I get going I’ll post pictures and recipes I like and anything that has helped and inspired me, in the hope that it inspires you too!

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